Welcome to the alter-ego of Suga in My Bowl radio show, heard on air (usually) on alternating Sunday nights on WBAI, 99.5 FM in the NYC metro area and streaming live online. Our main gig is the radio show and that won’t change, but we’ll use this space to expand on things in the show, offer up more context and content, and post the occasional review, event preview, rant and other things that go on “behind the mic” as it were. Feel free to follow posts and comments and join in.

Most of the written content here is developed by Suga’ Associate Producer Hank Williams. Additional content and photos by Suga’ Executive Producer Joyce Jones can be found here as well.

We generally only cover concerts, events, CD releases, and news centered around former show guests. Our specialty is jazz, particularly “free” and avant garde and fusion with occasional forays into film, visual art, and related things. We like other other musical forms too, but can’t cover everything. We try to do one thing here and do it well. Sometimes we succeed. Although we now have a global listener (and viewing) audience, event-wise, we tend to focus on events of interest to the WBAI listening radius of the New York City Metropolitan area. At the risk of being New York centric, we think a lot of what happens here in the jazz world is of general interest and many of the artists we talk about here will find their way to wherever you are.

We generally don’t seek out unsolicited CDs, previews, etc, but drop us a line if you represent one of our guests or have something that you really think we’d be interested in and we’ll let you know if it’s something we can work with. Keep in mind that we’re a shoestring operation, so what we can realistically cover is very limited, especially since we lean toward quality over quantity of coverage.

Contact us at sugainmybowl at gmail dot com.
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