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2648 WEST GRAND BOULEVARD is the address of the original Detroit headquarters of Motown’s Records. Under the leadership of Berry Gordy, “Hitsville USA” reliably churned out tunes that topped the pop charts and shaped the sound of a generation.

Claire Daly, the multi-reed instrumentalist, educator and composer, has reimagined 11 classic tunes from those early days at Motown and renders them as modern jazz compositions for her release that takes its title from Motown’s street address. Daly takes tunes made famous by Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five and others and gives them fresh, new interpretations while remaining faithful to both the Jazz and Pop genres.

Daly is joined on this project by her longtime musical compatriots, each of whom are well known leaders in their own right:

Claire Daly: Baritone Sax & Flute
Jerome Harris: Guitar
Steve Hudson: Piano
Mary Ann McSweeney: Bass
Peter Grant: Drums

2648 West Grand Boulevard: Jazz Interpretations of Classic Motown 45s can be purchased from Glass Beach Jazz Records. as a physical CD or MP3 downloads as singles or the entire album.

Or album preview’s ended, but instead we’ll point you to the Suga’ in My Bowl audio archives where you can  listen to our April 2 show with an interview and music by Daly, including several tracks from the album.